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The Used Car Tycoon mod apk Game is an Android game that allows players to take on the role of a car dealer and build up their business. Players can buy and sell used cars, upgrade them, and even customize them with decals and paint jobs. As you progress, you’ll be able to unlock new parts and tools to help you get better deals on cars, as well as increase your profit margins. You can also manage your business by hiring and firing employees, keeping an eye on the market, and monitoring sales. With its intense levels of customization and challenge, the Used Car Tycoon is a great way to get into the car dealership business without breaking the bank.

Game info

Used Car Tycoon is a game developed by supermt, and it has been downloaded over 10 million times. The game currently has a 4.6-star rating and was released on September 6th, 2021. It requires Android 5.0 and up, so it might not be compatible if you have an older device.

The game features beautiful 3D graphics; you can design, customize, and build your car empire. You can also race, trade, and show off your cars as you make money and become the ultimate car tycoon. You can hire employees and use different strategies to outsmart your competition and gain more control over the market.


Used Car Tycoon is a fun, engaging game that puts you in the driver’s seat of your own used car business. The goal is to grow your business and increase profits by buying and selling cars. You’ll start with a limited amount of money and resources, so you’ll have to be careful with how you spend it.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll need to set up your shop and hire some staff. Once your shop is set up, it’s time to start buying and selling cars! You can find cars on the market or even bid at auctions. When you purchase a car, you’ll need to repair and upgrade it before selling it for a profit.

You can also build your reputation in the used car industry by customizing cars for customers and offering great customer service. As you progress in the game, you’ll be able to unlock more features, such as car customization options and new parts.

You’ll also need to be aware of competitors who may try to undercut you, so keep an eye on the market prices and make sure you’re offering competitive prices. As you level up in the game, you’ll also gain access to new areas and opportunities.

Overall, Used Car Tycoon is a fun and engaging game that will keep you entertained for hours. With its realistic graphics and entertaining gameplay, it’s easy to become immersed in the world of used car sales.

What’s new in the version?

  • Merry Christmas! The developers of Used Car Tycoon want to thank you for your support and invite you to experience the new Christmas version.
  • Bugs and errors have been fixed, resulting in improved game performance.
  • A range of exciting new content has been added, offering more opportunities for fun and enjoyment.
  • With the latest version of the Used Car Tycoon, players can enjoy an updated gaming experience with brand-new features.
  • Have a wonderful time playing Used Car Tycoon, and enjoy the festive season!

Features of Used Car Tycoon

Car dealership management:

Players can manage their used car dealerships, including buying and selling cars, setting prices, and hiring employees.

Business simulation:

The game features a realistic business simulation model, where players must manage finances, balance supply and demand, and make strategic decisions to succeed.

Car inventory:

The game includes many car models and types to buy, sell, and repair, from affordable economy cars to luxury sports cars and vintage classics.

Marketing and advertising:

Players can invest in marketing campaigns to attract customers, such as radio or TV ads, billboards, or online promotions.

Car auctions:

The game also includes auctions, where players can bid on rare or high-end vehicles and try to resell them for a profit.

Staff training and management:

Players can train and manage their employees, such as salespeople, mechanics, and office staff to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

Car customization:

Players can upgrade and customize their cars with new parts, accessories, or cosmetic changes to increase their value or appeal.

Business expansion:

As players progress and earn more money, they can expand their dealerships to new locations, hire more staff, and invest in new business ventures.

Rival dealerships:

The game includes AI-controlled rival dealerships that compete for customers and market share, providing a challenge for players to outsmart and outcompete them.

Realistic graphics and sounds:

The game features high-quality 3D graphics, realistic sound effects, and an immersive gameplay experience, making players feel like real used car tycoons.

Mod Apk version of Used Car Tycoon

Used Car Tycoon mod apk is an unofficial version of the popular mobile game, Used Car Tycoon. This modified version provides access to special features and upgrades not available in the original game. It allows players to have an enhanced gaming experience and enjoy unlimited money, cars, upgrades, and customization options. With the mod apk, users can unlock all the cars, upgrade their cars as they please, and customize their cars with various available paints and accessories.

The mod apk has a straightforward user interface, making it easy to navigate and understand. It also supports multiple languages, which makes it accessible for global gamers. Overall, the Used Car Tycoon mod apk is a great way to enjoy an improved gaming experience with extra benefits and upgrades.

Download Used Car Tycoon MOD APK for Android

Are you looking to try out the Used Car Tycoon game? If yes, you can now download the Used Car Tycoon MOD APK for Android. This is a great way to enjoy a different game with an added edge.

Used Car Tycoon is a business simulation game developed by supermt. The game focuses on car buying, selling, and trading. Players have to purchase cars, upgrade them, and earn profits from selling them. It’s a great way to learn how to make money in the used car market.

So, if you want to enjoy a different game with an added edge, download the Used Car Tycoon MOD APK for Android from modapkfy today!

Features of used car tycoon mod apk

Unlimited Money:

The Used Car Tycoon Mod APK comes with unlimited money, allowing you to buy any car you want without worrying about the cost.

Infinite Gasoline:

This mod apk also gives you an infinite amount of gasoline, ensuring that your cars never run out of fuel.

No Ads:

There are no annoying ads in the game, allowing you to focus on the game without being disturbed.

Unlock All Cars:

With this mod apk, you can unlock all cars and select the ones you like without spending any money.

More Powerful Cars:

With the mod apk, you can upgrade your cars to make them even more powerful.

Realistic Graphics:

The game features stunning graphics that make it look realistic and provide an immersive experience.

Customizable Cars:

You can customize the appearance of your cars by changing the color, body kits, and other components.

Easy Controls:

The game’s controls are simple and easy to use, making it suitable for all players.

Smooth Performance:

The game runs smoothly on most Android devices, providing a lag-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Used Car Tycoon free to play?

Used Car Tycoon is a free-to-play game for Android and iOS devices.

What is the objective of the Used Car Tycoon?

The objective of Used Car Tycoon is to buy used cars, fix them up, and sell them at a profit. You can also upgrade your cars to make more money and expand your business with new locations and employees.

How do I play Used Car Tycoon?

You start by buying a used car; then, you can repair, customize, upgrade, and sell it at a profit. You can also invest in research to access new upgrades and hire employees to help manage your business.

Is there a Used Car Tycoon mod apk available?

Yes, a Used Car Tycoon mod apk available for Android devices unlocks all the game’s premium features for free.

What features does the Used Car Tycoon mod apk offer?

The Used Car Tycoon mod apk offers access to all the premium features of the game, including unlimited money, unlocking all levels, unlocking all cars, and more.

Is it safe to download and install the Used Car Tycoon mod apk?

Yes, it is safe to download and install the Used Car Tycoon mod apk as long as you download it from a reliable source.

Is there a way to get free money in Used Car Tycoon?

Yes, you can get free money in Used Car Tycoon by downloading the mod apk, which offers unlimited money.

Can I play Used Car Tycoon on my computer?

You can play Used Car Tycoon on your computer by downloading an Android emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer.

Final Thoughts

Used Car Tycoon Mod APK is a great game for those who love cars. It provides an exciting and realistic experience of buying, selling, and trading cars. With the mod apk, you get access to all the original game’s features and more. The mod apk also offers more opportunities to win more money by adding more cars and getting more money from the auctions. With its engaging gameplay, you can easily build up your used car business and become a tycoon!



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Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk | Unlimited Money & Gems

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