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Dragon City Mod APK | Unlimited Gems & Gold

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Dragon City is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Social Point for Android. It allows players to breed and raise dragons, build a magical city, and battle with other players. As the mayor of your dragon city, you’ll have to construct buildings, attract more dragons and increase your dragon population.

Dragon City is an addictive and engaging simulation game that players of all ages can enjoy. Its strategic gameplay and amazing graphics make it one of the most popular mobile games today.

App Info

Dragon City is an exciting simulation game that allows players to breed and collect dragons, build their city, and battle other dragons in the arena. Developed by Social Point, this game has been gaining immense popularity since its launch in 2012. The latest version of the game, version 23.1.2, was released on February 8th, 2023, and is compatible with Android devices with version 4.4 or higher. The app size is 140.83 Mb, making it a lightweight download for any device. Dragon City falls into the category of simulations and requires you to manage your dragons strategically, create habitats for them, and battle them in an arena.


Dragon City is a city-building game that allows players to build their cities, raise and breed dragons, and battle other dragon masters worldwide. The game’s objective is to construct a perfect city by breeding and hatching dragons, unlocking new habitats, and completing quests and missions.

The game starts with a basic farm and an initial dragon, and as you progress, you can unlock additional dragons, habitats, and buildings to expand your city. You can earn currency by building and managing your farms, earning coins by completing quests or defeating enemy dragons in combat. You can also purchase additional items from the store using gold, gems, or special event items.

You will also need to manage your city’s resources, such as food, gold, and energy. As you level up, you can access more powerful dragons and new structures to add to your city. You can also access special events where you can win exclusive rewards.

Dragon City also features a PvP mode where players can battle other dragon masters for glory and rewards. Players must create a team of their strongest dragons and defeat the opposing team to win the match. This mode is great for testing your skills against other players worldwide.

What’s new in the version?

Dragon City version 23.1.2 has a few exciting updates that will improve your gaming experience. The first update is the addition of support for pending content updates. This means you can access new content as soon as it’s released without having to wait for the entire game update to be released. Additionally, this update includes several technical improvements and bug fixes to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience. This update will make Dragon City an even more enjoyable and engaging game.

Graphics and Audio Quality

Dragon City is known for its beautiful and vibrant graphics. The colorful and vivid visuals give the game a truly magical feel. The game features 3D models for buildings, dragons, and other game elements. The backgrounds are painted shades of blue, adding to the game’s overall aesthetic. The audio in Dragon City is also well done. From the music to the sound effects, it all adds to the game’s overall ambiance. The soundtrack is upbeat and exciting, adding energy and excitement to the game. Overall, Dragon City has great graphics and audio quality that help to make it an enjoyable experience.

Features of Dragon City

  • Dragon City is an exciting, free-to-play simulation game that allows players to collect and breed dragons. The game features a wide variety of dragons, each with unique skills and abilities. Dragon City offers players the chance to grow their dragon city by building habitats, breeding and hatching new dragon eggs, and collecting food and gold to feed their dragons.
  • Dragon City also allows players to battle with other players and prove their mettle in exciting tournaments. Players can also challenge their friends in competitive battles or join alliances with other players. There are also regular events, such as seasonal events, for players to participate in.
  • Each dragon species has unique abilities and characteristics that distinguish it from the others.
  • Players can also customize their dragons by changing the color of their scales or adding special accessories. With over 500 items available for customization, players have plenty of options for creating the perfect dragon for their city.
  • Dragon City also offers an interesting twist on traditional RPG elements. Players can level up their dragons to unlock new abilities and strengths.
  • These features make Dragon City one of the most addictive and immersive games available on mobile devices. The game provides hours of entertainment as players explore the world of dragons and grow their cities.

MOD APK version of Dragon City

Dragon City MOD APK is a modified version of the original Dragon City game, offering players access to features that are not available in the regular version. With the MOD APK, you can unlock exclusive buildings, get unlimited coins and gems, gain access to rare dragons, and more. In addition, it allows you to customize your gameplay by adjusting the speed, graphics, and even controls.

Download Dragon City MOD APK for Android

Dragon City is a popular strategy game for Android devices. You can download it from Modapkfy. The game has been downloaded by over 10 million people and has received good feedback from players. Get it without delay!

Download Dragon City Mod APK

Dragon City MOD APK Features

  • Dragon City MOD APK offers a wide range of exciting features for the players. These features will enhance the overall gaming experience and make it more enjoyable.
  • The first feature is Unlimited Gems. This feature allows players to generate an unlimited number of gems that can be used to purchase items and upgrade their dragon city.
  • Another great feature is Unlimited Gold. This feature provides players with an unlimited amount of gold which they can use to build their dragon city.
  • The third feature is Unlimited Food. This feature allows players to generate food for their dragons, increasing their health and strength.
  • The fourth feature is All Dragons Unlocked. This feature allows players to unlock all types of dragons, making it easier for them to complete the challenges with the game.
  • The fifth feature is Anti-Ban Protection. This feature prevents players from getting banned for cheating or other reasons.
  • All these features are included in Dragon City MOD APK, which makes it one of the best ways to enjoy the game.


Dragon City is an addictive and entertaining game available on Android devices. The MOD APK version of the game offers an even more enjoyable and exciting gaming experience with its added features. With its vibrant graphics, lively soundtracks, and exciting gameplay, Dragon City MOD APK keeps you engaged and entertained for hours. Download the MOD APK version of Dragon City today and start your adventure in this virtual world.

FAQs about Dragon City MOD APK

What is Dragon City MOD APK?

Dragon City MOD APK is an unofficial version of the popular game that offers additional features and advantages to users. This version is unavailable in the official Google Play Store but can be downloaded from third-party websites like modapkfy.com.

What are the features of Dragon City MOD APK?

Dragon City MOD APK offers features such as unlimited gold, food, and gems, no need to root your device, access to all dragons, and more.

Is it safe to use Dragon City MOD APK?

Dragon City MOD APK is safe if you download it from a trusted source.

How do I install Dragon City MOD APK?

Installing Dragon City MOD APK is simple and easy. Just download the APK file from a trusted source and open it with your Android device’s file manager. After that, you can install the game by tapping the install button.

Can I play the game online using Dragon City MOD APK?

You can play the game online with friends or other players worldwide using Dragon City MOD APK.

Does Dragon City MOD APK offer any extra features?

Dragon City MOD APK offers several extra features such as unlimited gold, food, and gems, no need to root your device, access to all dragons, and more.



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Dragon City Mod APK | Unlimited Gems & Gold

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